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Special announcment Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the NZ government has placed the country into a lockdown situation. As such Hyspecs NZ will be closed to non-essential service customers as long as the threat level set by the government remains at 4.

We have set up teams in each branch that will be available to provide repair and product to customers who have been granted essential services status. We must get documentation from them stating that they are an essential service (as defined by the governments Covid-19 website) before we act on their request. Non-essential companies who open or aid non-essential companies will potentially be fined by the government.

Please note that online orders will remain open but delivery will not occur until the lockdown has ended (threat level 3 or less), unless delivery is to an essential business within NZ.

Browse and purchase our extensive range of over 10,000 hydraulic products. If you know the part number of the product you are looking for, click the Express Order link near the top of this page, otherwise use the advanced search function. All prices listed are in New Zealand dollars, exclusive of GST. We can ship anywhere in the world.

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